Coding Book Suggestions

Hey guys, I'm looking for your best and favorite book suggestions! I just want to learn as much as I can, and sometimes my laptop isn't with me or I don't feel like coding but I want to read about it.

If you've read a coding book that's really helped you out, or you enjoyed it let me know!

Eloquent Javascript was good. The YDKJS series is a classic. I just finished Don’t Make Me Think - it’s more about UX, but it’s a classic.


Head First series are also good. If you don’t feel like coding Software Craftmanship, Pragmatic Programmer, How to be Good Programer are books for you.

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Head First books and You Don’t Know JS books.

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Read this guide by one of our members:
It has great references for you.

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My personal favorite site for free ebooks is Syncfusion…lots and lots of free online and downloadable ebooks at your fingertips :slight_smile:

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I think it’s better to learn from the web. You have a lot of information and it’s easier then reading a book. As a new to programming I recommend you to learn how program as much as you can because programming without enough knowledge can harm you and lead to errors. Of course you can always use some programs such as checkmarx and others to help you but it’s still recommended to do it on your own.
Anyway, good luck!