Best book for js beginners

Hey guys, I completed the tribute & portfolio challenges & moving forward to the JS section. I really want to know about some books that will help me clear the concepts and supliment the FCC course.

Eloquent Javascript is always recommended reading

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Thanks for the advice.

You can read Javascript: Novice to Ninja and 9 other books on web development by downloading it for free from

Just bought myself a hard copy of Eloquent JavaScript.
Great intro to programming, nicely written in every day language, excellent examples and exercises and very well defined and useful chapters. I’ve only read about a quarter of it so far and I highly recommend it.

Side note: having a real book on hand is VERY useful for when you want to study and take a break from screens. Nothing compares to reading text on paper.


  • You give your eyes a much needed break

  • It helps you focus on what you are reading since you can’t look up anything - your book doesn’t have a search bar

  • You can bring it to the cottage and read it by the lake with a cold beer in hand and not worry about dropping it in the water (less expensive than an iPad)

I recommend this