Can anyone suggest a book that will help me understand Javascript better?

I just finished the first Javascript section of FCC. I also completed several sections of JS content on udemy and Treehouse. I am feeling stuck. I feel like every exercise I do, I have no idea how to figure it out, but then it kind of makes sense after I read the solution.

I think the problem with these learning sites is they really only give you one “challenge” for a topic. For example, I just completed the Record Collection Challenge. I was able to do about 30% of it by myself. After going through the solution and researching why it was right, I felt more confident. But then the course just moves on to new topics. I wish they would give a few exercises that were similar so I can practice that skill over and over.

Any suggestions or advice anyone has would be really helpful. I took a Python course while in college and I thought having a book was really helpful, so thinking that may be a good route for me here too. Thanks in advance.

Try Eloquent javascript,
It is a really great book.
Before, you go deep I recommend you be an expert in python, it is a bit easier than javascript for beginners.
You will find JS much easier after that.
And as long as you understand the general programming rules, then you are fine.

Thank you, that’s a great suggestion. I sometimes forget that you can do this.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to look that up right now.