Share your challenges of learning javascript?

Hello campers, i started Javascript two weeks ago,but there are some problems i keep running into, like motivation, procrastination and of course, the fact its a lot to learn. FCC seems to be a little bit short, when it comes to explaining things. So, for this i am going to turn to book to get the basics and than dive head first into problem solving, or go with both at the same time.
I want to know if anyone else had same problems and how did you solve it. It might help me and many other students here.
Thank you.

I started a few months ago and would do it here and there but just recently decided to go all in and do every project daily. Yes, you’re right in that they don’t explain everything clearly. In a way, that’s good because it forces you to search for the answer. Once you move more into the challenging quizzes and you’re able to solve them on your own (with help from chat/forums) you will feel this sensation and fulfillment that will keep you motivated. When I wake up in the morning, I can’t wait to see what challenge I will deal with next. I have this nature where I HAVE to know how things are working and why it’s working and want to solve problems. But this is just my way of getting motivated. And in my opinion, I think you should just stick with FCC while reading this book. Because you will learn much more by doing than reading.


I feel you jatinder751.

Going through the “Basic JavaScript” portion was really challenging for me. I supplemented the FCC curriculum with CodeAcademy JS courses, and that helped to further understand the basics. I have also been going back and redo the assignments/challenges that I found really difficult. That seems to help reinforce what I’ve been learning and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.

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Hi i started javascript on KhanAcademy and did the jquery section there as well and found them both very good … just cant take to codeacademy dosent suit me. And other than that i watch lots of videos on javascript as i find watching videos suits me better than reading about javascript. love the challenge sections here and have got through the first section fine.
As for solving problems my method is to first break down the problem and work out what i have to do and have i learnt anything that i can use eg if i have to break a string into words i know ill probably require split().Then i used to type some code into the developer console to see if its doing what i want it to do (now i use as this is piratically like using the dev console) I would use a lot of console.log() as well to show me what each step is producing … rather than writing up the whole code and then finding a error and have to go look for it. So i do a awful lot of debug … if i dont know how to do some part as i havent done some thing similar previously … i google until i find something similar or some example i can change to work for me but only use it when i understand it, so i can use it or adapt it for future use. Its a slow slog but im picking up as i go along.

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