Struggling! Am struggling learn javascript

I Just began learning the basics of javascript and am really struggling with it. Please could any one profer a better way to understand this language?

If the challenge driven nature of FCC isn’t working for you, try a free online book like Eloquent Javascript or Learn Enough JavaScript to be Dangerous. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re writing lots of code and not just passively reading/watching.


Practice Practice Practice!!

Learning Javascript, or programming in general, is different than learning just HTML/CSS. Both HTML and CSS are just standards and are generally just syntax. Javascript not only has syntax, but is a programming language (HTML and CSS are not programming languages). You need to know how to do things, and not just what the syntax means.

I’d compare it to vocabulary (syntax) and poetry (programming). You can know all the words in a dictionary, but you need a different set of skills to write a decent poem. There is some art and intuition to programming that you only get from experience and practice.

Learning programming is not easy, don’t expect to figure everything out quickly. If it were easy, then everyone would do it. Expect to deal with bugs, issues, failure often. The key isn’t being able to know everything without any issues because your some genius. The key is to be able to over-come problems you have, and to recover from it. You will find yourself going “What is going on!” on day 1 and day 10000. There will not be a day you just “get it”, but tomorrow you should get things a little more than the day before. This process should continue for as long as your programming. If your struggling, then good it means your learning something worth learning!

I say stick with it, keep learning from external resources like mdn, read books on programming, (@InternetFriend recommended a good in-depth one) read other peoples code, do coding challenges on FCC, or other sites like codewars Don’t be afraid of not knowing things, embrace the challenge!

I always say anyone can learn programming, it just takes time, grit and an internet connection. For some it might take more time and or require more grit, but if you have those things and the internet, nothing can stop but yourself!

Good luck :smiley:


Thanks. I’ll try the books out

Thanks. This is really an eye opener.

Really good words of advice - I am new to this journey and also struggling with the lack of logic to some of the Javascript code. And I do feel I am just completing the lessons without really understanding it.

Thanks for the links to other resources -