What are some of the Web Development books you refer?

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How about suggesting some cool books related to web development? FCC is amazing but referring few more resources surely won’t harm :stuck_out_tongue:



Jon Duckett’s books “HTML&CSS”, and “JavaScript&JQuery” are what got me interested in web development, and helped me learn how to make my first site. He wrote the books with designers in mind, so the information is introduced more visually, as opposed to reading it like an instruction manual. I highly suggest them.


I found this book to be really helpful:
The Pragmatic Programmer

Also, check out this topic here for some other good book ideas:


And once you learn JS, take a look at:

The first 3.5 hours is free, but the full 12 hour version is $19

It will help you understand Javascript a lot more than you do now and after you read those books.

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I agree. These books are fantastic. I’ve taken and am currently taking college dev classes aside from FCC and the books they assign for the classes are such a pain to read. Jon Duckett does a great job of laying everything out visually for you to actually see rather than reading huge paragraphs over and over again.

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This book is about web design but since my next phase in “Never Work In A Store Ever Again” Plan is to make sure my ugly web pages don’t make people cry, I’m starting it tomorrow: “Web designer’s idea book Volume 4 : inspiration from the best web design trends, themes and styles”.