Books for beginners

What are some good books to have while learning html, CSS, Java, sql, python.
Got the ones below for html and CSS.
Keep seeing all these “head first” books. Are they any good or hard to follow?

Hi @JelCode !

Are you asking about java or javascript?

I haven’t read any of the head first books but I do have john dukett’s book on javascript.

I like it for the basic concepts on objects, arrays, functions, etc.
But it was written before es6 came out so there is a lot of information missing.

When it comes to books, you have to be careful because technology is always changing and books go out of date pretty quickly.

I tend to like books that cover more general concepts like algorithms.

I do like the way john dukett breaks things down into easy to understand concepts. Just realize that you will have to also consult with current online documentation to fill in the gaps.

Hope that helps!

I might have ask this before, but didn’t get a lot of results.
I know books go out of date fast for coding, but what are some good titles for beginners with examples of code in them?
Just trying to find good ones to look back at as reference for the basics.
If possible maybe post some page samples.

The Jon Duckett book is excellent esp. for new coders because they’re easy to follow - lots of images and lists and bullet points. I suggest really reading the JavaScript part of the book about 3 times before moving onto the jQuery part.

In my opinion, the jQuery part is not completely necessary these days because JS libraries like Svelte, Vue, React are used more. But that said, jQuery comes in handy from time to time esp. when you’re working with other people who really like it and insist on using it.

From my experience, really getting down the JavaScript part of this book helped me immensely and it really, really helped when I moved onto React and Svelte to have those JavaScript basics down.

Here are some good books for learning web development. All of these books are totally free.

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