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Hello my fellow aspiring/veteran coders! I’m new to this all and just wanting to branch out and get more familiar with this site. I am currently working on building a registration form and have been able to digest all the material fairly well thus far. I know I’m just at the tip of the mountain, but I am appreciative of my accomplishments thus far and excited to learn more as I advance. Are there any books or anything else that you all would recommend that would be helpful along my coding journey? I’d love to discuss topics as well, if anyone would be open to it. I look forward to connecting and speaking to you and thanks in advance!

-Rodney P.


Hey, @rodneyp224 Welcome to the forum.

Yes, I recommend Eloquent Javascript this will help you a lot when you are working with Javascript and Data Structures. This book is quite lengthy and ya you can find a pdf version on their website.

I didn’t follow any books regarding HTML and CSS. They are a bit easy so no need to follow any book.

I strongly recommend you to NOT FALL FOR THE “TUTORIAL HELL”.
It is common for people to fall into this TUTORIAL HELL and end up wasting their valuable time.


Hello, @NikhilReddyManda I really appreciate the feedback!

I just looked into the book you mentioned, and I will order it today and start on the first edition of it all and work my way up. I haven’t yet got into the Javascript and Data Structures portion, but I like the idea of having a “sneak peek” before hand, and get somewhat familiar with it all.

Where are you currently in your coding journey, if you don’t mind me asking? Also, how has your experience been for you with digesting all the information and into the field?

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Welcome to the community @rodneyp224!

Quincy’s Book will provide you with guidance and insight.

Quincy’s Book - How to Learn to Code & Get a Developer Job

Outside of the book category, you may be interested in the freeCodeCamp You Tube Channel, and Podcast. Participating in the forum is a great way to learn, receive help, and offer guidance.

Happy coding!


Wow, thanks for that @anon42932716 and the warm welcome! I didn’t even realize free books were offered on here.

I’ll be sure to check out the YouTube channels as well. I had been on here just taking the lessons and not fully taking advantage of all the other resources, so I do appreciate the insight!


Hey @rodneyp224

You know what Rodney? Believe it or not. I am just learning to code for fun. I am a high school student. I barely code in my school days. I’ve got holiday for 15 days. So, I am back to code.

I consider coding as a hobby. I usually code when I am bored. But coding is interesting. I usually create projects on what I learned. It helps me to understand better. But it is a bit tough to digest Javascript, especially the data structures and algorithmic programming.


That’s huge that you’re able to learn and do this as something you truly enjoy first. You’re definitely on the right track! As they say, once you make a living doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. Keep up the great work, as I’m in my mid 30’s and ready to make a shift in careers.


That’s super cool that you do it as just a hobby currently. Coding is definitely interesting and I know there are so many opportunities within it. I’m ready to explore and make some magic lol

I know its going to be something taking it all in, but I also know practice makes perfect.

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I would like to give you a suggestion…

@rodneyp224 I will suggest you to use Mozilla Docs if you ever get stuck not knowing what operation/attribute/tag to use at a particular point while creating projects.

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Hey @rodneyp224 .

I’m fairly new to all this too. Just finished building my registration form project a few days ago and I’m also in my 30s, so we seem to be at a similar level. I don’t really have any guidance as I’m too new to this, but keep it up and try to enjoy it.

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That’s a game changer! This may sound silly, but I didn’t even know where to test out my codes besides notes to see what works and what doesn’t etc… :sweat_smile: I will play around on the site and get more familiar with it asap.

I really appreciate the advice!

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Thank you for the recommendation. I’ve been diving in, and it’s a great informational read thus far! @anon42932716

Hello @Jeff_beynon ,

That’s exciting to hear of someone in a similar place in life as myself! How are you maneuvering through it all? I am thrilled when I see that my codes work without me having to put too much thought into it lol! It’s a lot to take in, but in the thread thus far, I’ve gotten some pretty solid feedback that you should look into as well. We got this!


Those are awesome suggestions as well! I’ll be sure to check those out as well. Would you recommend one before the other?

I highly appreciate the support!

Well I don’t mean to completely “bite” your approach, but I feel from your advice I will start there and explore from then on. It gives me a bit of further reassurance for people who are or were in the same boat as me and knowing that it helped.

I too, have looked at some of the replies and questions in the forums and it does help a ton! The feedback that I received on here so far is priceless. I imagined that I’d be more “alone” going this route not being in a traditional classroom setting. It has challenged me a bit more and I honestly would do it all over again if I could!

As you mentioned, this forum alone is a huge help and I’m excited to see how we all continue to grow from this.

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I’m just trying to do at least an hour a day, more if I can. Life can get in the way, but as long as I’m learning something new then I’m making progress. I’ve had load of useful feedback and tips from the forum.

Keep up the good work.

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I can understand that. Anything helps more than nothing and as long as we can prioritize things, then we can’t go wrong. I appreciate this entire space already lol

Happy coding to you as well and feel free to reach out if you ever need to!

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