Seeking Guidance regarding JS career

Hi there, I am a JavaScript enthusiast, for that I took course at freeCodeCamp titled as JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures I really enjoyed it, it was awesome .
But the confusion is that after completing it where should i move on,
what types of projects should I work upon at the level where I have only completed the only JS course at freeCodeCamp that I mentioned earlier, and having no other experience in HTML and CSS.
“After all, the resources and guidance you provide are greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

that course can help you when you interact with the back-end environment, but to get the best experience with the front-end, you need to know the main concepts about DOM and BOM.

they mean Browser Object Model and Document Object Model,
and in most cases, you’ll be interacting with high-order functions like arr.forEach((e) => {}) as well as map() reduce() and filter()

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