Finally Finished Javascript Algorithms but wanna continue learning JavaScript

After 25 days I finished this certification and I learned a ton! However I feel that I could have learned more about some topics, specially Object-oriented programming and functional programming. My question is are these topics covered more in depth later in later certifications on FreeCodeCamp or should I go to another resource to learn more about them, and if the latter do you have any recommendations that worked for you?

If you completed the entire “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures” then you’ll be to build upon that in “Front End Libraries” and “Data Visualization”. You can also practice some more JavaScript in “Coding Interview Prep”.

The concepts come up throughout the rest of the curriculum. However, what really helped me with my understanding of OOP, was watching The Coding Train Coding Challenges on YoutTube, because he explains a lot whilst coding simple games (which i was interested in). So, if that interests you as well, then that is my suggestion.

Nice this sounds right up my alley