Finished javaScript Algorithms. Where do I go from here?

These days I have become addicted to the jS Algorithms course - completing every challenge was a big dopamine rush. However, now that I have earned the certificate, I feel a bit lost. Where should I go from here?

My goals are:

  • Building productivity apps that help people develop a simple and more positive relationship with tech.
  • Developing the essential skills that can help me land a job in web development.

I don’t want to lose the motivation I have had until now, and it would help me a lot to have a clear roadmap of what to do in order to attain these goals. There are so many frameworks and things to learn, it’s easy to lose focus! Therefore, it would be a huge help if you could show me what the main options are.

After some research, I guess that learning React and starting the Front End Libraries FCC Certification would be a good idea. What do you think?

Thanks a million!

That’s what the freeCodeCamp curriculum is.

Yeah, I would continue with the program. I like algorithms too, and it’s an important skill, but it alone won’t get you a job. Continue on with the program and maybe take the occasional break to do an algorithm challenge. There are some more in the Coding Interview Prep, under algoriths and Rosetta code. And there are sites that have them, like leetcode and hackerrank. But again, stick with the program and become a well-rounded developer.

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Thanks, Kevin! I will stick to the curriculum :slight_smile: