Just finished the Basic Algorithms. Where to next?

In the past few months so far I’ve enjoyed my learning on FreeCodeCamp and I am aware of the great community out here willing to help on whatever projects/algorithms people are stuck on. Though now I’m at the point after the basic algorithms and its right on to JSON/API/Ajax… Seems like a right hefty jump from barely learning how to reverse a string. While some are happy to jump right in and move straight onto the intermediate front end projects, I feel I still haven’t had enough practice with HTML/CSS and the structure of FCC at this point doesn’t quite teach how to integrate the basic JavaScript currently learnt thus far. The link between HTML/CSS and JS at this point is still missing and it feels like they’re totally unrelated.

What did YOU guys do after the basic algorithms?

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You’re right. FCC is an excellent place to learn web coding, but now it doesn’t teach some links between Javascript and HTML/CSS. They seems to focus on fundamentals and algorithms.

If you want to make some connections with these languages, they are good resources out there. My favourite one is javascript30 by Wes Bos. In the serie he use JS and HTML/CSS together to create awesome project. Take a look.

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