Recommend me an additional JavaScript course please?

I have been studying here for some time, already got the first certification - Responsive Web Design - and now almost finishing the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification.
Problem is that I’m finding too difficult to beat the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting challenges, and I didn’t even get to the final projects.
I believe I’m having this issue not because I didn’t studied right or because I’m dumb, but because I didn’t practiced what I’ve learned. Just being introduced to concepts and completing some challenge can’t be regarded as practice.
So, I need some real projects where I can use JavaScript and finally understand all the things I have seen here in FCC lessons.
That said, please folks, recommend some (free) courses in the internet that makes me actually code in JS so that I can return to the Algorithm challenges here and at least be able to play with them.
Thank you in advance.

Hey @isaacMuniz,

I understand your struggle, but I don’t think you’re dumb. Everyone have been through this time. Sometimes, you just have to take a break a little bit, and then go back at it. Try to Google some stuff that can help you. I recommend you use the MDN Web Docs for some resources. Anyways, for free lessons, you can go to, they have some good JavaScript lessons, and FreeCodeCamp actually have a couple lessons there.

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