Struggeling with JS and curriculum alternative

Hey, Im not sure if this kind of post is allowed but here goes… ( if not please don’t ban me lol im just a newbie )

So I have been trying to work through the JS corriculum but I am fighting a lot with the logic so I have looked for alternative corriculums or courses and found udemy.
They are usually very expensive ( and I am always broke ). But at the moment they have a deal and I got a ~$100 course for $10.
If anymore feels the same as me ( struggling with the fcc js corriculum ) then now is a good chance.

Im gonna repeat, This is in no way shape or form an add and I am not connected with udemy in any way. Im just struggeling learning JS and maybe someone finds this helpfull. I love FCC with all my heart.

You’re not alone in this.

My struggle with JS topic

Feel free to do whatever learning method works the best for you. Good luck and happy coding! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just as an FYI for anyone else looking at Udemy courses: do not buy them at the "full price"

They get reduced every few weeks, so if you are looking at a course and it’s showing as being $100 or whatever, don’t purchase it, just add it your wishlist and wait a few weeks and you’ll get a notification that there’s a “sale” on.

There are a very small number of courses that never really drop in price, but for the vast majority the most you should be paying is around $10.


That is a very good info thank you. And thank you FCC team for the openness to discuss other ways of learning. FCC Rocks! :heart:

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How did you continue your JS quest? Did you stay on the fcc course or did you venture into diffrent places to learn?

Thanks for asking, I definitely didn’t stay at the fCC course for quite a while when I noticed I was struggling…

I went to anywhere you can think about: Youtube,, Eloquent Javascript (not good for beginners but I still learned a lot), and MDN.

Long youtube tutorials bores me personally so I only watch a particular topic on youtube, not something like JavaScript crash course…

As I’m looking for those resources I mentioned, I don’t just read and watch them - I code, at the same time.

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Good to know!
I will see how far the udemy course will carry me ( it claims to go from zero to expert, but don’t they all say that :sweat_smile: )

We don’t know for sure, only you can tell! Remember, don’t stick to only one resource, make use of the internet! :grinning:

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