Alterative JS learning?

Hey Campers!

I’m working my way through the JS part of the curriculum and while the earlier JS sections I can breeze through quite quickly I am having major problems with the later parts.

A common problem on FCC is the sometimes ridiculous jumps in difficulty and expectations of you to know certain operators that hasn’t been taught before in the curriculum. While I have been able to deal with it so far I have now reached a point where I’m not able to finish a single one of the challenges without looking up the solution. It feels like the challenges got too hard too quickly wihtout me keeping up.

I feel like to continue progressing with the later challenges of the JS section I’ll have to turn somewhere else to practice before returning and finishing up.
Do you campers who have a grasp on JS have any tips for me where I could practice functional JS programming? Or maybe some other resource you found useful while learning?
Any tips would be much appriciated.

//Happy camping!

Have you tried Lambada intro to web dev? I have a really firm grip on html/css but am trying their intro course to see if it can help me with javascript. I also had a hard time on free code camp