I've finished learning HTML and CSS, and afterwards I don't want to learn JS Algorithms!

I’ve finished learning HTML and CSS, and afterwards I don’t want to learn JS Algorithms!
Questions: 1). Is there a full phyton course for begginers for free on FreeCodeCamp?
2). May I learn just - bootstrap, sass and others short learning frameworks for web?
3). Where may I learn for free JavaScript just for Web, not algorithms?

I finished learning HTML and CSS and after that I don’t want to learn JS algorithms!
Questions: 1). Is there a free complete phyton course for beginners on FreeCodeCamp?
2). Can I just learn - bootstrap, sass and other frameworks for a short tutorial for the web?
3). Where can I learn web-only JavaScript for free, not algorithms?


  1. Scientific Computing with Python Certification | freeCodeCamp.org
  2. nope Javascript manipulation of the DOM is more important.
  3. Mozilla docs JavaScript | MDN (mozilla.org)

note: that you don’t have to take the steps, but I advice taken the Javascripts projects to get certification, especially that one JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects: Cash Register | freeCodeCamp.org

Ok, then I will do scientific ptyton - phyton for begginers on free code camp )
I guess it’ll be easy for me - I am humanitarian! )))
Thank U, bro!!!

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It isn’t that simple.

I’d highly suggest learning JavaScript as a language if you are going to use it, no matter how you are going to use it. Sure you can skip parts of the JS curriculum but most of it just teaches fundamental knowledge needed for any type of JS usage. Using algorithms to teach JS is just a means to an end, it isn’t really teaching algorithms, it’s teaching JS.

But I can understand wanting to take a more practical approach with more interaction with the browser.


I’m not sure what your end goals are, but in programming and web design, the algorithms are important… how to search an array, pull out data, and manipulate it… that is the whole point of any scripting. If you are serious about wanting to learn to develope interactive websites, I’d say do the Javascript algorithms at least. You probably don’t need the backend, advanced, nodejs, graphing stuff if you have no desire to do anything on the backend, but if getting a job is your desire it couldn’t hurt. Javascript allows you to dynamically change pages… even something as simple as putting the current time and date at the top of your website will require some basic Javascript knowledge about how functions work, how strings and arrays work, etc.

Like mentioned, there are a few Python courses on the freeCodeCamp curriculum, but I will warn you they are all videos, not the interactive challenges and stuff. It also will cover the same type of algorithm stuff as the Javascript, just in a different language.

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I wanna have a Job! )
Ok,bro! I guess I will do learn js basics.
Where can I learn python easily and interactively, then?

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Yep, JS is the most suitable language for the browser today, I think so!

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