I don't know which course should I choose for JavaScript

I’m new to FreeCodeCamp and I found this platform just amazing with incredible skills in teaching Programmation. :slight_smile:
But I learned PHP recently on the Youtube channel of FCC and now I would like to learn JavaScript but with the many tutorials and courses of FCC, I don’t know which one to choose… I already know HTML, CSS and responsive Web Design.
I was thinking to choose the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures[…] course.
Thank you in advance for your advice and answers! :slight_smile:


Do this in their order:

Thanks for your reply, but I already know about “Responsive Web Design”. I’ve followed a French course and I made some projects so I already know a lot about HTML, CSS and Reponsive.

well, get to the next one then.
Also refers to MDN, for many thing: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript?retiredLocale=id

Yes, I was obviously thinking that but I just wondering if I should learn the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures[…] course
or this one JavaScript Programming - Full Course
Both come from FCC of course.

If you prefer the YouTube material, then go for it. I think that the interactive curriculum is more helpful, but that’s personal preference.

Alright! Well, it helps me and I think I’m going to choose the interactive one to change from Youtube. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Reading and watching is a passive learning. The course in the curriculum is more of an active one, problem solving, applying your logic using what you’ve learned, also measure your understanding on the topic/issue. The course should be the main one, youtube should be supplementary, depends on your learning style. IMO.

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