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why in the course on the java script there is no work with DOM??
or i cant not see?

HI @fredaw !

This question comes up alot.
But yes, the DOM does not come up in the javascript course.

This course mainly focuses on javascript basics and solving algorithm challenges.

You will need to learn about the DOM through other sources.

I will also point out the the new project based curriculum will introduce the DOM.

the most basic thing in the java script is working with DOM.
it was stupid not to add it. this is very bad

Well I can’t answer why it was not added but they are adding in the revised project based curriculum.

To be fair, it is introduced in the following section in the front end section when you start working with react.
But not much.

Direct DOM manipulation is generally not recommended, so we don’t teach a lot of direct DOM manipulation.

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Is this because we use frameworks like react that work with a virtual DOM?

That’s my understanding. I’m not an expert, but I think that frameworks scale much better than direct DOM manipulation, especially for projects that are large enough to need > 1 developer.

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how then to work with the page? it is also important to know in order to work with html css

The framework handles the manipulation of the DOM for you.

have you completed these courses? what are you creating now?

I have completed the first three certifications.

I approach the FCC curriculum differently than most people.

After I finished the javascript section, I stopped FCC to build my first website.
I wanted to have more practice working with html, css , javascript so I figured building a project on my own was the best option.

Then I completed the front end section.
But I wanted to build another solo project so I started my MERN stack ecommerce store.
This is my first full stack app.
Most of the front end is done. Just working on the payment side and keeping track of products.
Also, adding a couple more features like a chatbot for the site.

I did a few of the API and microservices challenges so I could learn about express and node for this project.

That has always been my approach.
Learn some basics, build some class projects and then go deploy something. :grinning:

Are you self-taught? have you attended paid courses?can you advise me on other sites for learning java script

I will PM with my answers so we don’t stray to far from the original topic. :grinning:

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