Why doesn't freecodecamp Javascript curriculum includes DOM and BOM?

So I am done with the Javascript certification and I feel as if it has no information on how to deal with the document and browser object model, how to render the html content of webpages and change its style, etc. As this curriculum is for fullstack web developers and later courses deal with more advanced stuff, its crucial to give at least a very basic introduction. Why doesn’t freecodecamp have that part of javascript in its curriculum?


It does eventually. React framework is all about manipulating DOM but no the curriculum doesn’t teach you about DOM manipulation with vanilla JS.

Maybe you could post something about it on github issues on freecodecamp.

You will have to complement fCC curriculum with other resources! It is not only the DOM that is not included in the JS curriculum , for example in CSS the Box Model which is important, is also not included.

I am going through the Javascript certification and I am complementing it with other Udemy courses.

There is a lot of important stuff missing like deployment, Git and GitHub etc… The new v7.0 fCC curriculum is coming and hopefully things will change for better. http://forum.freecodecamp.org/t/help-us-build-version-7-0-of-the-freecodecamp-curriculum/263546

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Actually it doesn’t. React hides all the DOM manipulations in its internals.

Luckily there are good people on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ik6X4DJKCc&list=PLillGF-RfqbYE6Ik_EuXA2iZFcE082B3s


Please help me…what do i really need to know…am quite confuse…i have gone tru the algorithm and Javascript certification but am very confused…in the sense that many things arent included in the course comparing it to videos i watch online on YouTube…is it dat the frontend libraries replaces some of the missing topics like DOM, query-selector, event-listener and so forth…please i need ur help cos i am new to programming

HI @durotemy!

Yes, the current javascript and algorithms certificate does not go into the DOM. As mentioned earlier in this thread you will have seek out other resources like on youtube on udemy.

There will never be any resource that covers everything you need to know. So it is a god idea to supplement FCC with other sources.

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