When does the JavaScript tutorial teach how to affect websites?

I’ve completed the Responsive Web Design certification and the Basic Javascript module of FCC.

I really enjoy the course so far, but I’m wondering when I will learn how to implement Javascript on a website, rather than just on a console? Is that part of the coursework?


Hello there.

Most DOM related manipulation with Javascript is not taught on freeCodeCamp. I would say this is a minor topic, as the methods are something you can quickly search for on Mozilla or w3schools.

The curriculum will teach you a lot about websites, as it takes you through the full stack. Honestly, since I learnt React, I hardly ever use the DOM methods directly.

The main DOM manipulation content is taught in the jQuery section.

Hope this helps

So if I understand, it is more common to use a front end library to modify the webpage content, so that is what the course teaches?

That makes sense, I just want to be sure I understand!

It is definitely more common to use a front-end library for this. You will still use the odd method here and there, if you do enough web-development, and I encourage you to do your own research into DOM manipulation.

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