Javascript Curriculum

Hey guys once we complete the data structure and es6, do freecodecamp jump into or transition into event handling? I want to be able to learn how javascript interacts with a web page.

The next section on libraries will get into how JS works in web pages.

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Just know there isn’t a lot of plain JS DOM stuff. There is some jQuery and then React. If you want to learn about plain JS DOM manipulation the fCC curriculum isn’t really the best place to look. But there are tons of resources for that.

Some links:

I’m looking for an interactive course and practice example since I’m a visual learner. I want to learn all plain vanilla javascript before I jump into frameworks like react and angular. Basically, I think learning what’s under the hood will make me a better developer.

Check out javascript30 by Wes Bos. It free and on YouTube.

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Yes I am planning to do the 30 challenge next!!!

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