How to combine JavaScript/HTML/CSS


I’ve completed both the HTML/CSS and JavaScript sections of the website.

I’ve now moved on to the front end libraries. Is there no section that details how to do basic things with JS/HTML/CSS all working together? Now that I have the building blocks for implementing some basic front end, why isn’t there an opportunity to use them?

I just want to do some simple things like display a users text back to them when they press a button. Or a simple page that lets you fill in Mad-Libs etc.

I’ve tried reading the DOM documentation on Mozilla to understand how to do it myself but it’s pretty dense material.

If this website doesn’t have any review material for how to create a webpage with vanilla JS could someone recommend a place where I can learn it? It just seems like it would make more sense to get some foundational experience with vanilla JS before I learn the libraries.


Raw DOM manipulation isn’t really done professionally, which is why the curriculum focuses on libraries. The curriculum is focused on what you need for a job.

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So all modern websites built these days are going to be using some sort of library? Does that mean that moving between jobs you may be required to relearn entire libraries that all do essentially the same thing?

Yup. Fortunately, all of these frameworks end up doing similar stuff, so learning a new framework isn’t that bad after you’ve learned your first one.

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You can learn about DOM manipulation from this website, if you’re planning to:
And it’s true that you won’t be doing raw DOM manipulation when working professionally but will be using libraries, which will do that for you behind the scenes and libraries are preferred cause they make code easier to write, read and most importantly, make application efficient which is why React is widely used.
But knowing about the fundamentals will help you understand things better and make advance concepts easier to understand. And learning basic DOM will involve interacting with objects through out your use and that helps you in understanding object manipulation more better.

I was frustrated with the JavaScript curriculum in this way myself. Even if it’s not used professionally as others have mentioned, I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be at least occasional application of the knowledge acquired from doing some raw DOM manipulation. Also, it seems like it should be, at least, important foundational knowledge to help you understand how everything works. By the way, the walkthrough on w3schools seems helpful: JavaScript HTML DOM

Also, in another thread on this forum, jwilkins.oboe mentioned this as a good resource:

At first, when I began learning it was to make a career in the tech industry,(that still applies today)just like everyone else, and later down the road I realised that when you understand what you’re doing, only then, you become better at what you do and start growing your love for it. And it’s quite important in the tech career cause you’re paid to solve problems, which can easily burn you out if don’t love doing what you do.

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