HTML CSS Question

html and css enough explanation in freecodecamp ?

There is a trade-off between depth and breadth. Yes, FCC could spend more time on HTML and CSS, but then it would take longer to get to other things and people might get bored.

I think the idea is to give you enough to get going with the understanding that as you learn other things, you’ll pick up more HTML and CSS. That’s been my experience, anyway.


Definitely not enough to fill you up. Think of it as a small bite from an appetizer plate. If you want the full menu, I’d suggest use other resources on web. or HTML and CSS reference manuals

But the most important thing is not just knowing how to write a valid CSS code but how to build the complete CSS file so it will layout the page exactly as you want. This can only come thru practice and experimentation, trial and error, by working on your own project, and getting the full hands on experience. Watching videos and reading is good, but actual coding is way way better in terms of learning and retention.


Thanks you! I understand your opinion

If you are in computer business you’ll always need to read documentation.
In my opinion we(cs guys) should be like medical doctors. They are always reading and learning new things.


It feels like quality vs quantity. freeCodeCamp vs W3schools and other coding academies. freeCodeCamp manages to do one thing that allows it to differentiate from other coding academies and that’s by teaching the basics and provide interesting challenges. There’s a reason why you can see so many posts here where people tell stories on this forum about how they started with few coding skills or none, and then got their dream job. I have signed up on a couple of coding academies but none has so far been as good as freeCodeCamp. The mistake that the other coding academies do is that they have lengthy explanations and too many examples which make you bored. You don’t feel an urge to continue. But with freeCodeCamp you look forward to continue. The explanations may be short, but they are straightforward and easy to understand. That’s something I value and I’m sure that many agree with me on this.

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