Beginner confusion in WEB DEV

I wanna be a full stack dev and i m just starting out with HTML /CSS tutorial in FCC !
Do i need any other material or just following the tutorials of FCC would be enough ?
sometimes i just got confused , i don’t think i m getting the various elements , attributes completely . i m just doing them by following the given examples . may u recommend some books / material to follow while doing the tutorials.

Thanks for your time and help :> !

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Hi @siddharthkeshar5678 !

Welcome to the forum!

You have only been exposed to these concepts once.
It is completely normal if everything doesn’t make sense right now.
It will only start to make sense through repeat exposure and practice with projects.

MDN and CSS tricks are good resources for HTML and CSS.

Hope that helps!


start with html. then move to css. spend some time understanding what different tags do. once you feel like you have a solid understanding of html/css i personally would move onto a coding language like javascript. you can learn other languages as well. from there learn how to use github and push code to it everyday. while doing that learn a framework like react or similar. this is not a fast and easy process but stick with it and you will learn even when it seems you are hitting a wall.


Hello @siddharthkeshar5678 Welcome to the forums!

Well by the moment you can focus on front-end. In the middle term you will have a better understating of the differences between front end and back-end.

You have made a great start!
You will need to focus on HTML and CSS, and then JavaScript.

This is a very broad question, and it depends… If you are an active learner and try to reply every example you see, and also, made your personal investigation on topics you find too difficult/interesting. (In other words you integrate coding into your life). I think you wont need additional formal education.
On the other hand, if you only watch tutorials, and dont try to write the exercises code from scratch. Then you will find the process much more difficult.
So, my advice is, try to put in practice every single example or idea you see. Also, made complementary research by your own, there are many free resources about web development.
Best wishes

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Hi, from my very basic understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong)…freecodecamp is more front end focused and not full stack but that’s not a bad thing. I started with a different program that was more focused on things like Ruby Rails which is more back end (I think) but it was a little too advanced for me since I have no technical background. My goal is fullstack as well so I am just focusing on the FCC curriculum first and will venture to back end focused programs in the future. I think it can be overwhelming just getting started which makes it hard to articulate wants and needs but I think just starting out with FCC is a great start. I write down questions and notes that I think will be handy for later but I’ve found that just being hands on/writing code answered questions I’ve had without having to ask. Hope this helps a little, happy learning. :slight_smile:


Hi @soulsteeper . Yes, a good part of the curriculum is focused in frontend.
However, fronted is the support for backend.
For backend you will need Python, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Git. etc. You still can find courses about these in the youtube channel. So, is possible to learn most of full stacks on freecodecamp.
Best wishes


Thank you @AndyG for the correction! I did not realize I could learn most of fullstack on here & that’s why I’m just glad to be here…my apologies OC if I confused you! :upside_down_face:


Nothing to apologize. And yes FCC is a very good start, both the curriculum and the official YT channel. :smiley: :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the response !

I have to say that there are many good tutorials on youtube from creators like net ninja & others. They will teach you more than freecodecamp to be honest, at least that’s what I am finding.
It is good to practice outside of freecodecamp & codepen in a normal text editor like notepad++ as things don’t always work the same here which can be confusing.
Also don’t look too far ahead in terms of full stack, while html & css are easy and fun to learn, javascript or any real programming language is a big step up in difficulty so wait & see how you get on with that before you think about back end stuff. Good luck!


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