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New to Web Dev here. Trying to watch as many YouTube Videos as possible but it’s kind of overwhelming… should I be taking each FCC course in order or are there specific ones I should dive into? I want to become a Front end dev starting off and maybe a full stack dev down the road, but just wanted to optimize my time as best as possible. Thank you.

Watching YouTube videos is not a great way to learn because they don’t give you an opportunity to experiment and test your knowledge.
I would suggest you start using FCC on the responsive web design track.

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HI @GuitarsRock23 !

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YouTube videos are great for reviewing certain concepts.

But the best way to learn how to code is to code :slight_smile:

Watching videos is a passive activity. It will help you better understand certain concepts but the real learning comes from building things and learning from your mistakes.

As was suggested, you should go through the fcc curriculum which focusing on building projects.
Then you can move onto building your own projects.

My suggestion would be to learn the basic fundamentals of frontend and backend.
Then also build independent projects that are both frontend and backend focused

Even if you really enjoy frontend, it is still important to learn how the full stack works.

I work primarily in the frontend but I do understand how the backend works and am able to work in the backend when asked.

Hope that helps! :+1:


Hey! Welcome to the freeCodeCamp community forums.

When you’re just starting out, It can feel pretty overwhelming. Every single tutorial you watch or the book you read will teach you new concepts that on one hand will make you feel super uncomfortable but at the same time will help you get further in your coding journey.

To accomplish this, it would be better for you to follow a guided path which tells you the things you need to learn a specific thing at a specific point in your coding journey.

freeCodeCamp’s Responsive web design curriculum is a great resource to help you dip your toes in the world of coding with no setup required.

freeCodeCamp also has a lot of awesome tutorials on their youtube channel which you can use to learn.

These will help you learn by actively engaging in programming and building small projects


You also need to complement practice with a bit of theory (actually understanding what specific terms and concepts mean) so you don’t fall prey to “tutorial hell”.

For theory I would recommend the following resources.

MDN’s learn web development course:

They’ve developed a course for new developers in the industry to help them get familiar with the basics.

This resource will also help you a lot as well. (I like this one a lot because they’ve got links to resources from all over the internet including freecodecamp.)

Hope this helps! :smile:

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