Zero Experience

Hey guys, I have been reading through the FCC forums and I realized a lot of people come into FCC with at least some prior coding/development experience. I have no experience whatsoever. Can FCC really take me from zero knowledge to full competency? Are there any other resources (books, websites) that you think I should be supplementing my FCC training with, or will sticking to the lesson plan to ensure that I gain a well-rounded understanding?

FCC provides a pretty solid pathway, but you’ll definitely need some other resources, even if it’s just Stack Overflow and the MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) documentation.

Many swear by the John Duckett HTML book, and the ‘You Don’t Know JS’ series is fantastic, too.

Aside from that, there is a whole world of supplementary material you can access - if you get stuck on something, people on this forum often have great examples of the material that helped them overcome their issues :slight_smile:

Fantastic, I now have Stack Overflow and MDN bookmarked. I’ll definitely be looking into those books too. I’m really looking forward to expanding my knowledge and learning everything I can. :grinning:

FCC has great stuff for practice, however, I don’t think it would be possible to learn from zero with only FCC resources. I even would learn elsewhere before going for FCC challenges.

Apart already mentioned things, I would suggest to watch some teaching videos on youtube. You can find there concrete tutorials on bootsrap, jquery, etc, and also some more fundamental courses from universities where programming principles will be explained.

Sounds good. I’m open to learning from as many sources as possible. Are there any specific youtube channels or videos that you recommend?

I hear you, I was stuck for ages wondering where to learn and what channels on youtube to check out, heres a list coding rainbow is cool, it looks at the arty side of JS is mostly for html and css(Sass) but its cool