I need advice to be successful with FCC and as a front end web developer

I need advice to be successful with FCC and to become a good front end web developer. For those who were successful, it went well with FCC, for those who got jobs in the field. Any advice? How did you follow the FCC curriculum, only through the FCC? Following the FCC youtube channel? Taking notes? Did you support the FCC curriculum with other courses? Any advice is welcome to me.
Thanks in advance.

The advice is simple - learn and build. FCC provides a nice path to the solid basis of a MERN stack, a respectful and marketable stack. Just follow the program, and do a little each day.

As far as “other courses”, that can work, I just don’t personally recommend it. I think you should focus on one course and finish it. That being said, FCC is not comprehensive so there may be times when you decide that you need to understand something a little better so you check out the docs, some blog posts, or some videos - that will definitely happen. But I don’t recommend stopping half-way through an FCC module and doing a course on C++.

I didn’t really take notes per se. It’s kind of hard because there is so much info. No one can memorize it all. It’s more important to learn what is possible and know how to find it. Google is a developer’s best friend.

Stay the course and work hard. Take little side trips if you need, but don’t get too far off the path. When you finish the program, look for other things to learn and new things to build. Those are the biggest things.


The other piece of advice is to remember that this stuff is hard. It’s going to take a lot of work and at times you will want to bang your head against the desk - that is normal. When you sit upright in bed at 3am suddenly realizing the solution to a problem that caused you 2 days of frustration and now you can’t go to sleep until you try it out - that’s when you’ll know you’re a developer.


Thanks for taking the trouble and having the patience to read my post and answer me the way you did, I really appreciate it and thanks