I need some mentorship

Hey there!

My name is Syed and I’m fairly new to FCC . I just recently finished the responsive web certification (took about a month or so since I also work full time).

My plan is to complete all the certs on here so I can claim the Full Stack Certification.

I dedicate about 2-3 hours to progress through lessons and do project on here on days that I work and about 4-8 on the days that I don’t.

My question is: should I focus on finishing everything here first before I look at other sources and other things in general, or should I be doing some things concurrently?

My goal would be to be able to land a job as a full stack developer in a year or so.

Any feedback from people who started with FCC as their first resource and then landed a job a year to two after they started learning all this, would be extremely appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

I haven’t landed a job yet, but I did complete the Full Stack Certification. FreeCodeCamp was my only self-learning resource at the time - I was completely focused on the curriculum here. I had to google quite a few things when the projects came around, but that’s normal.

That being said, it’s really up to you. I see many people who work only on FCC, and many others who use multiple resources concurrently. Each learning resource has a different teaching style, so it very much depends on how you learn best. FCC is a good foundational basis, but can definitely be supplemented with other resources. I’d say if you feel like you’re picking up the information well and understanding what each lesson is teaching you and asking you to do, then you’re good to focus just on FCC. But if you find yourself frequently getting stuck on one lesson, don’t be afraid to seek additional learning elsewhere to further your understanding! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am beginning in this real as well. I strongly recommend you to develop little projects on your own, for example you could dedicate one or two days per week to develop some web, in that way you put into practice what you have learned. And the others days just learn.
This is just an advice.
Good luck!!!

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Thank you for a well thought out reply!

I haven’t had any issues in the FCC curriculum yet. Everything’s been pretty straight forward so far (besides regex, IDK why but I’m bad at regex).

I’ll stick to devoting my time to the curriculum and trying to finish that up.

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Honestly you’re going to look at other sources and it won’t be as good as FCC and you’ll just come back here to learn it. If it’s on the Curriculum, FCC is the best place to learn it.