Started my Career As a Full stack Developer

I m here writing this post to tell you all of my friends that by this medium of freecodecamp I m able to achieve my career startup as a Fullstack Developer, When i was here some month ago i was feeling like how can be i able to do this without going to any university or having any degree but Thanks to #freecodecamp #medium that I have started my journey towards success as a developer and hence completed 5 live clients project after my certification Completion about a month before.
I Feel that If I can do this than anyone can do this


This is amazing wish you luck and strength


Thanks for your wishes!

Congratulations :clap:
I want to ask you, how long did you need to complete the FCC curriculum

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Thanx! For me it takes 55 days to complete all certification

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OMG! you’re so quick, how many hours do you read every day?

I started late march and am about complete HTML/CSS certificate. I work full-time as a truck driver and drive about 500 to 600 miles a day and still find the time to do a little each day. Thats’s just amazing you completed all that in 55 days. I wish you good luck on your journey!


8-12 hours daily with full concentration


Congrats. All the best for your future.

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Best Of Luck For you bright future
Happy Coding

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Thanks for sharing this info

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Congratulations and good luck on your journey!

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Congrats Dear .
I’m New here hoping to be like you some day

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Thanks dear sure you will be achieving that success for what you are here . All the best?

Good to hear good luck

Wow thats really awesome and motivational thank you for sharing :slight_smile:
Did you use the projects from the curriculum as sample work when applying or did you already have live projects from actual clients?

wtf How you guys are able to do that?

COngrats anyway :smiley:

Live projects from actual clients

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What technologies are you dealing @ your work? Do you have experience or course before doing freecodecamp? 55 days is supper fast.