Full Stack Certification in 3 months O_o?

Hi Guys,

I started freeCodeCamp in 2017 while I had a job, but then work got super busy so I stopped… and now that the said job is gone, I am back on freeCodeCamp!

I’ve been actually fun-employed for about 3 months, during which I wavered a lot about what kind of career I wanted to get into. After playing with self-help books, Python, and some comp sci books, I decided that I wanted to become a Full Stack Engineer.

My current ambitious goal is to earn the freeCodeCamp Full Stack certification within the next 3 months. It’s pretty ambitious, but I think it’s do-able for someone who has a lot of free time. It also helps that I have some coding experience :slight_smile:

I will be visiting this forum a lot, so I thought I’d say hello. I hope I can make a positive contribution to this community.


Rules for myself:

  1. Complete every coding challenge, and do at least 3 per day, everyday.
  2. Do every project from scratch—don’t just fork and modify the sample projects. Also, don’t just meet the minimum requirements.

That’s awesome that you have a goal in mind. Your next step is to create smaller goals that lead up to that big one!

Divide and conquer will be your best bet to completing the full stack curriculum but I have faith you can do it. Especially if you’re motivated!

Happy coding my friend and I’ll be seeing you around I’m sure!


I want to point out that the main goal of FCC isn’t to get the certificates, its to learn skills and technologies. So yes you might be able to blast thru the entire curriculum in ~100 days, it wont be easy, and you really might cut some corners here and there (maybe). Just stay focused on getting the experience, there is no replacement for it.


You can do it if You are ready to spend your whole time for coding . Only coding!
learning html and css You can complete
withing 15 days. JavaScript will take at least one Month to complete. Then front end which you can learn within 20 days. then back end that you can learn within one month. when you complete all the project of freecodecamp, you can get enough experience

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I saw a user on twitter that completed the full curriculum in the 100DaysOfCode
and she finished like in 90 days.
so it’s not impossible


Got my first Certificate for JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures!

Five more certificates to go!


Got my 2nd Certificate for Responsive Web Design!

Four more certificates to go! (Why do I feel like it’s going to be a steeper hill from here on…?)


Good job man! Keep it up !