Full Stack Certification Completed!

This morning I completed the last exercise and claimed the Information Security And Quality Assurance Certification and therefore was able to claim my Full Stack Certification.

I learned a lot, developed greater skill with JavaScript in particular, learned how to use a lot of frameworks and tools and learned a whole new stack.

You Can Do This!




I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and say thank you for inspiring me to finish this whole track. I have very clear and specific goals to complete most of the curriculum this year, basically all but the data visualization and last certificate. I’m also working on an educational project in React that will be live quite soon.

I trust that you were actually a developer already, before starting the FCC curriculum, judging by your usage of the word “new.” What do you think of the MERN stack vs. the other stack(s) that you know?

Ruan Huysen

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congratulations, you were able to do this completely on freecodecamp and by yourself???
i have zero coding knowledge, my goal is full stack certification, kind of intimidated, just wondering how you did it, thank you. again congratulations

is there anyone completely new or a beginner that can start a support group with me, we can help each other , maybe make this journey easier for all of us, please let me know. thank you and good luck to all.

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Congratulations! Great news

OMG!! I had not logged into the forum community since I posted this and had no idea that so many replies had come in. Thank you for your interest and support! I will give overdue answers to each question under each question. But to all: Thanks! :grinning:

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Fantastic! Let me know if I can help with your curriculum or project. Clear and specific goals are very good. Make sure that your progress is at a sustainable rate. You want to continue to make good progress, but not feel burdened by your studies and get frustrated and give up.

You are correct. I have been in software development for a very, very long time and have been working on retooling my technical skills to bring them up to date in the web and mobile age. I completed a 13 week onsite code camp in Miami called “Iron Hack” in 2016. Their curriculum revolved around a Ruby on Rails stack.

Here is my linked in if you are interested in more about my background:

Completely by myself? Almost. I completely followed the freecodecamp curriculum which leverages on the Codepen and Glitch websites for later assignments. (Both are still free.) I posted questions in this forum when I got stuck and those who have posted solutions to problems in the forum have been a major resource. This forum is key in your studies!

If you are willing to apply yourself and work consistently on learning and don’t become overwhelmed by what you don’t know, even after you’ve learned a lot, you can get there.

Dear Stephen

Apologies for the late response and thanks again for the encouragement. This is a bit of a lonely road for me, but perhaps only because I don’t engage enough with the communities available to me. (I have engaged a bit with the FCC Earth FB page, though.)

Since you were so kind as to offer to help, I’m going to be so bold as to ask if we could have a skype chat at some point? Or could I email you personally? (I’ll contact you on LinkedIn.) I have run into some meta-coding problems, so to speak, with a web app that I’m coding in a team and I’d love the advice of someone with your extensive experience in software dev. I’d really like to finish the web app. I’ve done most of the work and the very cute characters have been drawn by a graphic designer working for a game dev company. I have actually tested the game and it produces the results that I hoped it would in terms of the math skills it addresses. (I’ve tested it on some kids…)

Currently, I have the first three certificates done and I have a weekly plan to finish my first RESTful API using Express as part of another course I’m doing done by the end of next week, the front-end for that done two weeks after that and all but the Data Visualization certification done by the end of the year as I’m already acceptably comfortable with Node and Express. Then, I should be 100% done by mid-January? I do most of my coding between 4:30 and 6:30 on workday mornings due to my job and family responsibilities.

So, would you mind if I contacted you?

Ruan Huysen

Congratulations. I know for sure that persistence get you there.


If you would like to schedule a skype chat that would be fine. I can be available most afternoons. I am in the US Central time zone and my time zone is currently Central Daylight Time (CDT), UTC -5. I suggest avoiding Monday and Friday as I have a regularly scheduled call on those days. But even weekends are fine for me.

Sounds like you have done good planning for completing your FCC studies and some good project work in parallel with that. That should lead to a compelling portfolio. Good job!

Best regards,

Congratulations! Best of luck to you.

Keep working at it. Completing small pieces and developing a routine - which you seem to have - are key to building endurance and completing. You can do it!

Awesome job, @slbccfl! What a huge accomplishment :tada::sparkles:

Thanks for sharing here. I’m glad to see that freeCodeCamp and the forum have proved so helpful to you on your developer journey.

Congratulations, you fabulous human being!

Congratulations buddy!

Hope you have a great future.

congratulations and good luck in your career!

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