Self study to become a web developer

Hello I just wanted some advice, web development really fascinates me, and I would love to do it as a full time job.
Does anyone have any tips, a path to follow?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Well, this is a forum built primarily for people working through the free FCC curriculum. In the upper left is a link called “Visit the Curriculum”. That is a “path to follow”. Especially the first 6 certifications give you a MERN stack, a solid foundation for web development.

The main advice I’d give is to keep learning things and building things. Keep moving forward and don’t worry about perfection of memorizing everything.

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Obviously there’s bias here, but I genuinely believe that freeCodeCamp is the best online resource available for learning to program on your own.


Hi @Chizzykat !

Welcome to the forum!

The only other advice I will add would be to get involved with the developer community.

I have only been learning a year, but I have been involved with a variety of online groups, meetups, twitter, etc.

It helps a lot to connect with other developers and you never know what opportunities it will bring. :grinning:


With no prior programming or CSC background?

In all fairness, @jwilkins.oboe has put a lot of time and work into learning over the last year. I’d say that’s she’s an exceptional case. :grinning:


My background is in music. :grinning:
But there are a lot of parallels between music and coding.
So I think it has helped me.

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I started out yesterday evening.

I hope I can get on with it as well you have!

I’m interested to hear these parallels between music and coding. I’m used to be musically minded. Unfortunately, (what feels like) a lifetime on the retail career road has ruined pretty much all hobbies!

Here are some things that helped me understand what I’m getting into, where to start, where I should end and how to get there:

Web Development In 2021 - A Practical Guide

Web-developer roadmap

Plenty of helpful stuff here:

Hi @Chris6316 !

Welcome to the forum!

Aside from getting involved with a community, my other piece of advice would be to take your time and keep practicing your skills.

When I was a professional musician, I met a lot of musicians that stopped putting the work into improving themselves.
Once they stopped practicing, their skill went down and they stopped getting work.

It is not all that different from programming.

You don’t want to just learn something once and not apply that knowledge.

You want to keep applying that knowledge by building projects.
That will make the concepts stick better and your will learn how to research, debug your code and ask questions.

That is why FCC is so popular.
With this curriculum, it encourages you to build projects after each section.

Always be building and learning :grinning:


Thanks for the welcome.

I think everything you have specified is probably good advice for virtually anything!

Grind forward and polish those skills. They can’t ever be too shiny.

I must say that I am flying through the Responsive Web Design modules with no real issue (mostly makes sense) but I’m dreading the project at the end as I’m not certain I’ll remember anything! We shall see :man_shrugging:t2:


Most people fall in this category.
It is easier when you are tackling one problem at a time.
But when you are tasked with tackling multiply problems in a project then it can be overwhelming at first.

My advice, to you and @Chizzykat is to break the projects down into bit size pieces you can solve.

Start with the html and tackle one user story at a time.
If you get stuck then research through documentation, read error messages and as questions.

Once you get all of the tests to pass, then you can work on the styling.

Also, remember that it is impossible to remember everything.
So you will probably be looking things up all of the time in the beginning.
But that is normal. :grinning:

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