Finding a software development path


I’m pretty new to the site and programming. I was just wondering with the peerless amount of software/ type of jobs that are out there, how do people find out what they want to do? The long lists of requirements in job listings are a bit daunting.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you

This may be helpful:

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It kinda depends what you want to do because as you said software is such a large field with many different positions.

Being a web developer (whether front end or backend) is one type of software development job.

I’d perhaps first try and learn programming and see if that is the right fit for you. If you love it great! From there you can decide if this is a field further worth pursuing. Try going through freecodecamp’s exercises and just honestly have fun with it first.

After going through it a bit - you can then see if you want to pursue web development (i.e. learning JavaScript in depth and front end / backend work) or perhaps you don’t want to be a web developer and you want to learn something lower level and program machines etc.

I’d maybe try and decide what excites me about tech first … i.e. do you like working with the web (i.e. building websites / styling / developing API etc)

Does the prospect of developing machines (robots / AI etc) excite you?

Maybe you really like data and want to work as a data scientist??

We can’t really decide that for you here at FCC but I can say that I love my job as a web developer and everyday excites me to work with the web and designing interfaces / APIs.

Feel free to PM if you have any questions about working in web development.

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That’s a wonderful answer, thanks!

I’m trying the explore my options but there is a lot to go through ahahahhahaha :0
I have done Python programming and used it to learn data structures and algorithms.

I guess I’m looking to see if I can go further with that to accelerate my momentum instead of finding something new to learn? However, with some googling I found that Python isn’t the best language to start webdevelopment which is really discouraging.

Thanks for your help!

Wow thanks!
It’s a lot to take in, I’ll have a look into it!