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This is my first post, so if I got any formatting issues I apologize.

I’m currently working remotely providing customer support, and recently I found a LOT of offers of remote companies hiring Website developers (front-back), then I realized I wanted to switch careers as I’m still young and looks like this career has room for growth.

My question is: Me being a noob I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content online. Is there like a blueprint to follow so I can begin making my first baby steps?

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Start right here:


Look at the jobs you’re interested in and see what is they want you to know and what the common requirements are. That being said, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are pretty much standard for any web developer, especially front end, Then you can branch into javaScript libraries/frameworks like React, which is one of the big ones now. By that time you should have a pretty good idea where you’re going, and can check out more “back end” languages like python.

Again though, the best advice i can give is figure out what jobs you’re interested in, check out the common requirements, and go from there. Happy Coding!

Hello Marcel,

Thanks for your quick reply appreciate your time invested. Yeah, I was thinking on that as well. And I’ve already signed up into Free Code Camp!

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Hello Chuck, yeah I just did hahaha. I was wondering, a while back (6 months approx) I saw a post while skimming through the forum about a guy posting a full list of resources for newbies, the only thing I recall is “You don’t know JS” also he highlighted the best path to approach Web development. Do you know it by any chance? Thanks!

Not sure. YDKJS is one of the more popular citations around here, so it doesn’t ring too many bells, sorry :man_shrugging: