What things I must need to learn to be a web developer?

I don’t know from where to start and where to finish.Please give me a sequence that i need to learn to be a web developer!

This is a pretty well known and “approved” roadmap to become a web developer.

hope it helps

Why not just follow the FCC map?


thank you…I will try

Follow the FCC curriculum but look at alternatives too, such as some of the Front End Developer Bootcamps on Udemy.

When you get onto the back end, be careful about going too deep in Node and JavaScript backend tools. These are not much used in the industry as yet. Here in the UK, the big players are C#, PHP and Java - (but I’d recommend researching your local market).

A lot of people dislike PHP, but it is a valuable skill to learn nonetheless. It’s VERY HEAVILY used, there are tons of jobs, and its not going away any time soon. There are also new frameworks like Laravel which make it a lot more modern and usable. Also, you can learn it a lot more quickly than Java or C#.

However, if you get good enough at the front end, you probably don’t need major backend skills. Just learn JavaScript and CSS in as much depth as you can. These are the fundamentals. Learn a bit of jQuery but don’t get attached to it because its going out of date. And when you are ready, learn a front end framework.

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Front-end developer needs to know:
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
at least one of the front-end JS frameworks/libraries - Angular, Ember, React,…
at least one of the UI libraries - Semantic UI, Bootstrap, Foundation, Polymer,…
front-end tools - Gulp, Grunt, Bower
One of the CSS preprocessors - LESS, SASS, Stylus
One of the JS preprocessors - CoffeeScript, TypeScript, LiveScript

Back-end developer needs to know:
Basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript
One of the back-end languages - PHP, Python, Ruby,…
One of the back-end frameworks - PHP (Symfony, Laravel, Nette, Zend, CodeIgniter,…), Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python (django), JavaScript (Node.js, Express.js, Total.js, Sails.js, Meteor.js)
One of the databases - MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB,…

Full-stack developer needs to know:
All of the above (front-end + back-end)
Meteor.js or MEAN stack.

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