What is important to make Web developer

Hey Fellow camper,
I have made my career to Web dev and game dev but now in this topic, I want to ask a doubt about
what is important to become a web dev?
what you should know to be a web developer and to be a front-end developer?
What you should know before getting a job as a web developer?

The answer is helpful,

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Hey @codely!

I am beginner so I am also interested in seeing the pro developers in this forum give their advice.

There are a lot of great articles in the FCC news section that give great advice on how to become a web developer. One of my favorite articles is Quincy’s article titled The 2020 Web Developer Roadmap – A Visual Guide to Becoming a Front End, Back End, or DevOps Developer

This article is really detailed on the roadmap to become a web developer.

You can also check out the FCC podcast. I listen to that podcast regularly and they have a lot of developers speaking about their experiences and journeys into tech. One of them is @ArielLeslie. (Cool fun fact:She used to sell knives at one point. Pretty badass)

Hope that helps!


Thanks, for the article it is helpful.

remember you don’t need to know all that before starting to apply for a job.


Okay. But still im clearing.
Still thanks


What I don’t mean by that is “once you’ve done the JavaScript portion of freeCodeCamp, you’ve learned everything your really need to”. What I do mean is that the thing that you absolutely must know is JavaScript. These other tools we use - frameworks and libraries - all boil down to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Get comfortable with solving problems with JavaScript. Learn how different ways of solving a problem might effect speed, flexibility, security. Basically, get really really comfortable with the core language of web development.


This is great advice!

I feel like I have barely touched the surface with JavaScript and there is so much to learn.

You mentioned learning how to solve problems that could effect security. Are there some tips for beginners on how to write more secure code so it less vulnerable to hackers? I feel like right now I am just trying to get my code to work. I honestly haven’t thought that much about security which is probably pretty bad.

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I do the same thing @jwilkins.oboe. I am pretty bad at coding right now. Anything to make my code work I will do.

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The first step in writing beautiful code is to make code that just works.

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Working code is always the first goal :smiley:. Security is a large topic that has a lot of pieces. There are straightforward things that you can pick up just by reading articles and discussions in places like this and StackOverflow (like don’t use eval()). But a lot of being security conscious is about remembering to ask the right questions. “Does my code contain any sensitive information?”, “What are the pros and cons of different login methods?”, “What are the security implications of using browser storage?”, “Does this API send sensitive information in plain text?” and so on. Read, listen, think, ask questions and see if you can find answers.


I’m using eval() on my calculator :grimacing:

Read up on it, and make a judgement on convenience vs. security. :slight_smile:


Hey @ArielLeslie
I know Javascript is important but as well it is hard. I completed my HTML and CSS lessons now going into the Javascript section, I think I stated maybe some 30 days ago but I am still in levels like 57 or 58. Are there any tips for beginners to learn Javascript easy?

Yes, Security is just like a sea in the tech world. I know to use WordPress, but for Security, I have to install plugin like WordFence or firewall, etc…

It will be useful if any of you know please let me know.

Thanks and Happy Coding.

It’s hard and there’s no way to change that. Be consistent. Be patient with yourself. Try to remember that progress isn’t linear. You’ll have both steep inclines and plateaus.

The first step is often just to get a solution that works, but don’t accept “just working”. Take the time to make sure you understand how your solution works. Play with it. Break it and unbreak it. Stay curious. Stay engaged.


^ I was going to say just that. Curiosity is super important. Be curious about how and why. Code does not just magically work, although it might feel like it at times. You should want and need to understand (to the best of your ability) because hitting keys at random and brute force is not a winning formula for success.

It’s a huge subject. I can’t really give much specific advice other than “learn your tools”.

Here is another handbook