Front End Developer

Good evening and thank you for reading/answering this,

I am going through the basic CSS portion of the curriculum and I want a end goal of being a front end developer, So basically I am wondering what I need to complete or know in order to get a job i would even be interested in freelance work until I landed a job.

Once again thank you and happy coding


Key stuff:

  • Knowledge of CSS/HTML.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of the browser’s JS API, in particular DOM manipulation and XHR/fetch, the latter of which necessitates knowledge of…
  • HTTP/HTTPS, making requests, using APIs, and things like CORs.
  • once you understand JS, picking up a framework (React/Angular/Vue) is a good next step.
  • Ability to comfortably use a terminal.

This is quite a reasonable overview of some of the skills seeen as important in the current market:


okay, thank you so much. is that all covered in FCC?

FCC has a ton of learning material, however, sometimes learning from one source can get a little mundane. I recommend also checking out colt Steeles web development Bootcamp in addition to FCC.


Such a great course! I am working on both at the moment… Just found out he has an advanced bootcamp, gotta take babysteps and finish the first course :slight_smile:

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Is that course free as well or does it cost money?

This is very good and I would say the best front-end guide/handbook I have found on the web, there is a lot of stuff there to probably keep yourself busy for the rest of your life, so enjoy.


And always be willing to learn! Be comfortable with pushing boundaries but set limits as well!