Got a Job as a Front End ๐Ÿ™Œ

Hi Campers :slight_smile:

First Thanks to FreeCodeCamps and all the amazing communities around this project.

A month ago I started my first position as a front end Dev in a digital agency in London. It was actually quite quick for me to find this position. It took me around a month.

I have send around 120 applications. Met 4 recruiters. Got 4 tests. Got 6 phone interviews, 4 physical interviews with 6 compagnies.

My Background

I graduated in December from a master in Marketing.
I studied as well Graphic Design for a year between 2013 and 2014 where I learned a lot of HTML and CSS, so before starting on FCC I had already a good knowledge of this.

My path to a Frond End position

  • HTML and CSS: As I said, I learned about it when I studied graphic design for a year, I learned a lot about integration from Photoshop to HTML/CSS and responsive design. (Project done: at this time )

  • Sass: This summer I started to learn about Sass, I wanted to challenge myself to learn something new and I realized after that that I wanted to pursue a career in this field. (Project done to master this subject: at this time )

  • Javasript: Beginning of last December I have start working half of my days to learn Javascript on Freecodecamp and looking at videos on youtube and doing the course on

  • Bootstrap: In January I learned how to use bootstrap as many jobs were asking about it (Project done to master this subject: at this time )

  • jQuery: When I started the the Intermediate Front End Development Projects end of January I realized that I needed jQuery. So did this subject after Javascript but I think it helped me understand it better.

To get the job

So basically I have been practicing coding almost full time since December. From mid January I have been sending applications half of the day and the other half I have been working on the FCC projects. When I got my job I only did 3 of the intermediate Front End projects.

Today, Iโ€™m really happy with my career path. Iโ€™m still doing projects and courses on FCC and look forward to learning a lot of new things :slight_smile:

My portfolio
My Github


Great job! Thanks for sharing, gets me motivated when i see these. Iโ€™m struggling a little with the wiki search project right now. I took a look at your portfolio you went above and beyond with those FCC projects. Really puts in perspective you get what you put in. Thanks again.

Congratulations! I like your portfolio site. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing your story. Inspiring!

congratulation, thanks to share your story. I like it. Now i like FCC more i like the community here very much supportive. This story will be a inspiration for any beginner who want to be a Font End Developer. :slight_smile: Happy Coding

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Your portfolio looks really good. Congrats.

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Congrats for the new life mate. Well after looking at your portfolio itโ€™s time for me to modify my portfolio a little bit specially the project details part. :wink:

Very nice portfolio and congrats on your success. Do you have any recommendations for improving design skills? Are there books/online resources that you depend on for helping create nice looking designs?

I really liked the clean and professional design, great job!
Congrats for the new job, I am sure youโ€™ll do great!

Awesome portfolio. Congratulations for the job. Motivated me a lot to complete my FCC projects. I started today so had doubts which are clear after seeing projects in your portfolio. thanks.

Congratulations. And Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@jonathanwmaddison I think the best way is to look at concepts such as design research, composition, negative space, mood board, wireframe, mock-up, color scheme. I havenโ€™t learned with books and i think you can find all this concepts on internet.

My work flow when i do a project is:

1 Make some research on design trends on behance and dribble.

2 Make a mood board with screenshots of the kind of elements i like and i could use in the project. I do as well my color scheme using Adobe kuler.

3 I make a wireframe using Adobe Photoshop or Xd, you can use gimp. Then i do my mock-up on the same software.

I hope it will help you :slight_smile:



Oh, and that is one elegant looking portfolio you got there.

Fantastic job Vincent. Really inspirational! You can seen your graphic design skills shining through.

Can I ask, what forums did you use to find potential positions?

Very inspiring post, thanks for sharing!