Front-end Develop Job

I’m interested in doing front-end developing but I’m not sure if I’m qualified enough. What do you basically need to know or a set of skill you need to qualify? Also, what can you expect to do in the job? Is a full-stack developer a much better choice compared to a front-end in terms of getting hired?


Wow wow …there is so much to say about it. First of all you will learn everyday for the rest of your life and is not such thing “what do you need to know” is just you should know as much as you can learn. Front-end is a biiig Category which include so many things to learn. I was in your position not much time ago and i would suggest to start with easy things like html&css (ofc these 2 could be really nice improved - atleast CSS3 is a big “family”) but if you know somewhere intermediate lvl is ok to start. After these 2 i would recomand to learn a language as much as you can undertand it(like javascript with jquery framework) you can start with jquery and then go deep in javascript or vice-versa, here ppl arguing about if is ok to start jquery first or javascript, but is up to you. DO a lot of projects with these(html css javascript) and make a portfolio. Then go and apply for internships or junior developers…here depends what companies expect from you. I started with internship and after 2 months i got a junior position in my company. Your team will help you as much as you want and need, what you have to do is to put a lot of hours in your learning process. Btw in these days no-one could say is a “Full-stack developer” because there are so many languages and frameworks and every day a lot of things are improved or new on the market.

Good luck with your path ! sry english is not my strongest point.


Trust me, you’re already more qualified than half the people out there.

Your job depends on what you want to do. Do you want to spend time making nice, neat websites? Or would you prefer working on databases, php code, and other behind the scenes stuff that makes all the machines run smoothly?

If you can complete the front end projects on FCC, you are more than ready for a front end job.

I had the same question last year before getting hired, but with my knowledge and portfolio from FCC I knew more about the position than other people I saw who had just graduated college.

Many of requirements for the job are pretty easy to learn in the first few weeks of work.


@gwenf how long did you do FCC before you got your first job? and what other resources other than fcc did you use?
did you just use the FCC projects?

give me some tips haha

@Alexaxel98 I just celebrated my one year anniversary of starting FCC 2 days ago. I was hired as a front-end dev last October and now I just started an amazing job working with mostly node and react. I used some other resources and went to a lot of meetups but the structure for my studies and most of the projects in my portfolio came from FCC. I think the FCC projects now are sufficient to get hired.

I wrote two articles on detailing what I did to get hired as well:


@gwenf thanks for sharing that with us ! motivates me more