How much javascript do I need

Hello, and good evening everyone. I just started programming 3 weeks ago, and I am now learning about JS. Basically spent 2 weeks on HTML5 and CSS3 then went to JS. I’m just curious about one thing. How much do I really need to know about JS to be an entry level front end dev. Is it enough to just know about the basics (primitives,variables, conditional statements, functions, loops, arrays, objects, and the DOM) then proceed to jquery, and just focus on building up from there together with HTML5 and CSS3.

I apologize in advance if my english is bad or my question was incomprehensible. :slight_smile:

Depends on what you are going to be doing, but since JS is the most popular language right now you need to have quite a deep understanding of the language.

So to answer your question: Yes you need to know JS very well.

Hi @spardol your English is quite good, so no worries there.

HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are the 3 pillars of website development and everything else you learn to do will be based upon them, so take your time with all 3 and learn them well. As you do more exercises and projects it will soon become obvious to you what you need to know.


The longer I’ve been here working through FCC the more I realize I don’t know. My “to learn” pile gets bigger quicker than I can learn things.

I used to think that just getting the Front End certificate would be enough to be “job ready”. I’m now of the opinion that you should complete all of (or nearly all of) FCC before you consider yourself even close to job ready.

Use this guide to learn what you need to be job ready:

Relevant part starts at 00:49. Basically, yes, you can essentially leave it there, if you have a really solid grasp of HTML, CSS, and jQuery and you’re good at design. This career path is closer to “web design” than “web development”, really, so it’ll also help if you’re handy with Photoshop, know lots about typography, and are generally an artistic person.

Thanks for all the replies guys :slight_smile: . Having multiple perspectives on my question has helped me plan my future path. But, I do have another question. I heard about sites like project euler and code wars . Do I need to be good at this things if I’m going for the front end dev route?

Isn’t project euler like a collection of math challenges which are really hard? Code wars is just fun its not required. You should concentrate on learning and building things instead of focusing on what website will teach you what.
Stick to one source so you won’t be scattered and you should be fine, practice every day aswell :wink:

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It is been two years since you posted your question. I hope you found your dream job and all the other good things we as human dream of.

I am part of a Bootcamp in Germany and doing the FCC. For me, the longer i dig deep learning js i feel that i need to learn even more.

But when we get closer and see things clearly i realize that everyone has to face challenges, everyone gets stuck with bugs and errors. but through time and experience, i see that the senior developers just stuck on bigger and complex challenges than we do.
That is a huge relieve and good motivation at the same time.

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The more you know, the more you know how little you know.

Hi, this link is not working, do you have another one?
Thank you