What do i need to know to have a successful career in Front-end development

Hello people, I am just starting on my journey to becoming a full stack engineer, I decided to start from Front-end, I am learning fast and have given my self 6 months to be at junior level at least, I need advise on how to grow, learn and what to look out for in this career path that I have chosen.

Search for “front-end roadmap” and you will find plenty of suggestions on what you need to be a complete front-end developer.

Also, it’s great you set a timeline for yourself but if you have absolutely no experience then six months is pushing it.


6 months is a really difficult timeline, especially if you have not coded before.


Hi @chukwumaukegbu !

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6 months is a quick timeline.

Is it possible? Yes.
Is it the norm?No.
Will it be tough? Yes.

I understand as a beginner you are fed this line of get a job in 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, etc.

But you do have to realize that it is really hard to do.

So, we are not trying to discourage you but the marketing around learn to code quickly is damaging for beginners.

Just be aware.

In 6 months, you need to code a lot, build projects, and research a lot on how to get that first job.

Check out #career section on FCC, FCC News, and podcasts

FCC teaches the MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack.
For full stack, you need to do at the least the first six certifications.

You will also need to network a lot and meet other developers because getting a job through connections is going to make it easier to get a job than applying solely online.

Also research on how to properly put together a resume and portfolio.

Again, there is tons of information on all of this stuff but you are going to have to research like crazy.

Hope that helps!

Good luck!


Thank you for this, I am willing to try but its a life long project, so regardless of where I’m at in 6 months I would be satisfied, also do I need to know anything on backend while I work on front-end? because I was thinking learn one first, practice and be good at it before learning the other and practice and be good at it too.

It is going to be hard to learn node .js if you are just starting javascript.

Learn javascript first before moving to frameworks and backend.

The heart of web development is html, css and javscript.


Thank you for this. I appreciate the feedback.

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Thank you for the feedback

Try to keep in mind that this is a skill-based field, rather than a knowledge-based one. You can’t cram a certain amount of information into your brain and be ready. Invest your time and energy into doing steady, consistent work that builds on itself. Even if you are more interested in front end development, you’ll want to understand enough of the backend to be able to understand how the backend works and be able to create some full-stack apps. Especially as a self-taught new developer, being competent in all parts of a web application will mean a lot more doors will be open for you than otherwise.