Learn Front-end and Back-end at the same time?

If you had just four months to learn to code, would you focus on learning front end or learn both front-end and back-end at the same time?

Just a little but of context, I am an undergraduate engineering student who has the term (September to December) off. I have been going through the FCC front end certificate and i have been treating it like a job. I essentially try to spend at least 6 hours a day teaching myself to code. It has been a fun journey and my coding skills have grown exponentially since!

However, the nature of my program means that i will be either studying in school or at a co-op job, i won’t get another opportunity like this, where i have an entire day to teach my self code. Which means I have until the end of December to learn anything i want to learn. Of course i want to make the most of it.

I have just finished the wikipedia project, and starting to feel pretty comfortable with front end rudiments. My question is, should I aim to complete the Front end Certificate and focus on learning front end frameworks, to hopefully specialize in front end. Or should i work on the back end certificate at the same time so i can also get a foundation on that?

What do you guys think and why?

If you’ve finished the Wikipedia project you’re definitely ready to work on the back end, since really you’ll just be building a REST API to make API calls to. Using Node and Express, you won’t even have to pick up a different language.

The fastest route I can recommend is to pick up the book “Express in Action.” That will get you up and running in a matter of days. From there, I’d start working on a legit full stack project. Something like a chat program or an eCommerce site or a social media site.

It’s a quick read, and worth its weight in gold: https://www.amazon.com/Express-Action-Writing-building-applications/dp/1617292427

Try to finish your full stack project by November, and then in December, work on either React or Angular 2. That’s web development really. Front end basics + a front end framework + a backend language and framework + a database.

Good luck!

Should edX course on full stack JavaScript come first?
Because there was something like this below when I took look at it.


Please note that this is an advanced course with the following prerequisites:
Experience writing front- and back-end software
Basic knowledge of web application architecture
Knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals, including callbacks
Experience working with SQL or NoSQL databases