Learning react and node/express at the same time?

Hi I paused my freeCodeCamp learning a while ago because I didnt want to learn React too early. I wanted to learn more JS and how the back end-works.

My question.
Is it a good idea to start learning React while I carry on learning Node/Express?

I have too many spare hours now.

It can be a good idea to learn both at the same time, since it’ll give you an idea of how to integrate a front-end with a back-end.

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Well, you dont need to understand back end at all to learn React, JS knowledge is whats useful, but even then you dont need adv JS knowledge… basic JS, ES6 and HTML is plenty enough for a smooth transition into React.

Personally I dont see anything wrong with learning React and Node at the same time…I pretty much did. I did not feel confident with React at all…had only done this course and a super basic React SPA mockup when I decided to do a full stack React app course. I learned quite a bit and glad I did it…but I dont know…I guess just go for it and if you find it getting overwhelming or frustrating, then scale back and concentrate on one thing before moving on to the other.

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