Is worth learning node JS, nowadays?

Hello campers, my name is Eduardo and im kinda new here on the forum and i’ve been reading regarding node and rails, which one should i learn?

Thanks in advance and happy coding !

If you plan on pursuing the certifications here, you can complete them using either Ruby on Rails or Node. However I would suggest you go the node route as that is what FCC is going with as its primary technology, and what is being integrated into the practice problems in the upcoming curriculum update. Free study materials are also readily available on the Internet for node, RoR too.

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Node uses Javascript and Rails uses Ruby. If you already know Ruby, it probably would make sense to learn Ruby on Rails, if you know JS or plan to learn it for Front End then it makes sense to learn Node.

Knowing both pretty well, I would advise Node. Using JavaScript for the front- and back-end streamlines your learning considerably. Also, Rails does a lot of stuff in the background that you really ought to learn about. Node, even with Express, is more bare-bones, so you’ll get the same concepts without having to learn a new language. Once you’re able to build up a few Node apps, then move on to Rails because it’s super-fun.


@lalogaribo just to follow up on this, RoR as a framework is “highly opinionated” and it would be instructive to Google that term with Rails and do a little reading. Rails has a very particular way of doing things - Rails says “my way or the highway!”

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Thanks a lot for your advice, and sorry for reply late, its have been a busy week, and the question were more related to job opportunities on market thanks a lot i appreciate :relaxed: