Who are those React projects on FCC designed for?

I have completed Front End Certification a few days ago but I am not sure I should be working on React Projects next or start working on Back End Certification … First,I noticed there is no learning materials for React therefore am I supposed to learn by imitating sample projects? Second, Is it better to learn NodeJS before touching React? Thank you for sharing your advice and opinions. Anything is appreciated.


In my experience React and Node are pretty much orthogonal - you can learn either one first without knowing anything about the other.

The only caveat to that is that you’ll probably want to use NPM to install create-react-app, and you probably want to be putting your projects on Github or somewhere similar. If you haven’t used the terminal and package managers before, maybe it would be best to start with some Node tutorials to get the hang of it.

The docs are a really good place to start learning React: https://reactjs.org/ - be wary of tutorials that are more than a few months old because they might be out of date.

Thank you for your insight.