Should I work on data-visualization projects before back-end projects?

What are the best resources to learn react and sass ? At first, I decided to go for back end first and I completed all the challenges but I still dont feel confident about that. Please suggest some good resources for node, express and mongo too ?



I just finished front-end certification so I am in a similar position. Right now I am choosing to focus on Data Vis and learning react/sass. This playlist has been helpful in learning good ways to use sass. I would love to hear about the best resources for learning react that people have found!

Eventually, I will learn React properly, but I hurried through Wes Bos’ React tutorial earlier this year. It served as a great introduction with the secondary effect of increasing my awareness and understanding with JSX, Gulp and Firebase. The folks in the course’s slack channel are very helpful.

Overall, Wes has produced many videos on various WebDev topics and is highly regarded.

Caveat: I’ve been away from React for a few months, and if it has even been necessary, I don’t know if Wes has maintained the material inline with any changes to React.

@twmilli @theDigEx Thanks for sharing your views and I will surely checkout your links.

You guys can also check out ReactJS Program. I wish it had more code tests and more difficult quizzes but it goes in depth into React. The best thing to do is what Freecodecamp preaches, project-based learning. Find a cool app and try to replicate it with React. Keep the docs ready by your side and go for it! Some great advice I read a little while ago was that what is important to learning is HOW you code and not WHAT you code. Don’t worry about coming up with any ideas while learning, just copy someone else’s and code it.