Need some advice on starting the Data Visualisation Certification

I finished the Front End Certification a few months ago and have been learning about Android Apps since then, but now I want to get back into FCC so I’m looking at starting the Data Visualisation Certification.

So, I’ve got a couple of questions.

I notice that the first project involves building a “Markdown Previewer”. For that I need to learn React and SASS. I’ve bought a Udemy course called “Learn and Understand React” by Sam Nxstack so I can start learning React. As far as SASS goes though, I’d like some advice on resources I could use to learn some of that.

If you’re someone who has finished the Data Visualisation Certification, your advice would be appreciated.


I used their own site for the basics:

It’s decent enough to get you up and going

DevTips on Youtube is great for Sass. He covers classical SASS e.g. .sass, but it’s still 95% applicable to the becoming more popular derivative .scss

Once you know .sass then learning the small, but simple differences with .scss is easy. I was initially put off DevTips because he lOVES .sass, but in the end I realized all his tips and tricks for .sass were very easily converted to .scss and so upon that realization I learned a great deal as he does a ton of projects and basically always uses .sass as a preprocessor.

Sorry for the late reply and you’ve probably already moved on, but I thought I’d let you know anyway for the next person at the very least.

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