How to use Sass

Hey Guys,

i just finished the front end certificate. Now i want to start doing the data visualisation part.
Since now i used Github-Pages for submitting my projects.
Now i’m told to use Sass and React to build the Markdown Previewer, but i don’t understand how FCC can check weather i used Sass or not if i submit my project. When using Sass the final page only will contain CSS like before, or am i wrong?

Thanks four your help!

SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet) is a CSS pre-processor which helps to reduce repetition with CSS and saves time. It is more stable and powerful CSS extension language that describes style of document structurally. .I refer useful and helpful post about How to use Sass.I think it will help you.

I know very well what Sass is :wink:
I just wanted to know how FCC checks weather i used Sass or not.
For now i decided to write and test my code in Bracket and then copy it to Codepen for completing the Challenge.

Thanks for your help!

" … just put CSS in a Sass file and call it Sass, and it would be. And,
they make zero mention of what features of Sass you’re required to use"

Clever!! :smile: