Asking for Sass feedback

Just finished the Sass section in Front End Libraries Certification. Would like to know if you are currently using Sass on your projects and if the market is asking for it during your technical interviews.

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I am sure our senior campers will make an input but I noticed most top developers I know use sass. Had no idea it was in fcc curriculum but I learnt it immediately after the responsive web certification.and I’m loving it!

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Since I learnt it, I’m kinda always using it instead of CSS. It really allows me to keep the code more modular and organised.
Also some of the color functions like lighten and darken are a life saver :slight_smile:

I use Visual Studio Code and it has a plugin you can install to watch your sass files and, when you save them, it builds the CSS file(s) automatically for you.


While I can’t answer for the latter (if it is being asked during interview questions), I can say I am using it on my projects and will continue to do so.

It is more organised and efficient for both developers who code it and others that will read and work on it (as it is more readable). Even though, most of these features can be done in plain CSS, it is more preferable to do it in SASS. For example, using a mixin is helpful because we may need to apply the same style hundreds of times to so many elements and then later on we have to change the style of one property. Instead of having to go through one by one of every element to change it, it can be changed in the mixin and that will apply to all elements that are using that mixin.

In another word, SASS is one heck of a time saver tool :wink:

PS: Word of advice, learn BEM methodology and use it in your HTML and SASS === your code will be super beautiful. :slight_smile:


Thank you, guys. I will keep these in mind.

In my experience in web development, very few developers care about CSS and therefore Sass. The vast majority use libraries like Bootstrap without really understanding how the basic technologies (HTML/CSS) work.

However, and precisely because of that, I think there is a great opportunity to work in CSS, specializing in semantic structure, styling, accessibility and markup scalability. Although CSS has advanced a lot where Sass contributed (grids, variables, etc.) there is still a lot it can contribute. Just as examples:

Plus, Sass is still evolving:

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I use SASS at my current job. I think that it may have been mentioned during my interview. During that interview I had never used SASS or LESS, but I knew what they were and I knew CSS. Learning SASS is super easy if you know CSS.

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