Frontend development idiosyncrasies

i thought javascript intermediate algorithms was challenging. but dang, this stuff is so weird and greek. the wording could of been way better but i struggled just through the bootstrap. im glad my emphasis will always be juyst software engineering. ive actually had to peek at the solutions just to understand the details of the challenge being said. i dunno if anyohe else is with me on this but many of the wording seems funky. not progranming language funky but more like just in comparison to the english language being tweaked.

Hi @fredsmith27182 !

In the front end section, I had struggled with react and redux.
It is completely normal to struggle with learning libraries and frameworks.

My advice would be to go slowly through this section and consult with other resources.

When it comes to css frameworks and libraries, there are plenty to choose from.
When you start building projects, you don’t have to use bootstrap.
Don’t feel like you have to use just one framework.
There are some many like tailwind, materilize, bulma, etc.

If you want to go over it a little bit more, you can consult with the docs

Or watch a tutorial

But I wouldn’t stress to much on bootstrap.

For react, I would suggest going through the docs alongside the FCC challenges.

Just take things slow and continue to ask questions.

Hope that helps!

Yeah make sense. i struggled with the html and css section to. i actually needed a dedicated book to get me through the lessons. as for the javascript coding the forums and mdn was good enough for me . i guess i taken programming courses in school but i never learned html and css until i found FCC its much harder than coding inmho . not saying coding is easy but there is nothing that a pencil and paper cant solve when it comes to coding

so far im enjoying react much more then bootstrap and jquery. react is just more easy to understand because its based on javascript coding and more logical to me.

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